Why Wait Weeks When A Whiter Smile Is One Visit Away?
By All Smiles Dentistry
July 13, 2016
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Do you want whiter teeth but don't want to spend weeks using home whitening kits? Professional whitening offers impressive results teeth whiteningafter just one visit to your dentist's office. Dr. James Bonny, your Salem, UT dentist, shares information about professional teeth whitening.

Professional whitening offers excellent results

Over-the-counter whitening kits can be effective in lightening teeth but don't offer the dramatic results you can get in just 60 minutes when you visit Dr. Bonny's office. He uses professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel, a whitening agent that isn't available in store-bought kits. Thanks to the boost in whitening power, you'll notice results immediately. In fact, professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by as much as three to eight shades.

Whitening removes unattractive stains

Have you ever spilled grape juice on a white tee shirt and found it very difficult to remove the stain? Any food or beverage that can stain a white shirt can also stain your teeth. Over the years, those stains make your teeth look yellow. Professional whitening is a very effective way to remove stubborn stains that dull your smile.

Professional whitening lasts longer

That store-bought teeth whitening kit may help your teeth look whiter for a few weeks or months before you have to reapply the product. As long as you avoid brightly colored foods and beverages, such as sports drinks, berries, coffee, tea and wine, your teeth will remain white for several years. If your teeth do start to look a little duller, you can touch them up with a visit to Dr. Bonny's Salem office.

In-office whitening is easy

Before your treatment begins, your gums with be covered with a protective barrier. Retractors will also be used to pull your cheeks and lips away from your teeth. Once your gums and roots are protected, Dr. Bonny will apply the gel. One hour later, you'll leave the office with noticeably whiter teeth.

Ready to improve your smile? Call Dr. Bonny, your Salem, UT dentist at All Smiles Dentistry, at (801) 423-2244 to schedule an appointment. Transform your smile with professional teeth whitening!


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