Dentists hurt their clients in shocking ways because of insurance companies
May 13, 2017
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There are many ways insurance companies are hurting the dental industry, but what most of the public is unaware of is that this can hurt them in serious ways as well.

Let’s say you need a procedure done on your teeth, but because your dentist is under contract with your insurance company they have to charge you such a low price for that service that they actually lose money. What does the dentist do in this situation? Do they do the right thing for you because that is what your teeth need? This isn’t always the case. Unethical as it is, some dentists will take a different route. They may wait until your condition gets worse to make more money fromthe procedure, do a completely different procedure that you don’t need, or even not do any procedures at all.

There was a huge lawsuit in 2016 against Aspen Dental for this very practice along with other issues. Not all dentists are brought to justice or caught however. It is important to educate yourself on these issues for you and your family’s sake.

Our very own office manager Tessina here at All Smiles Dentistry - Dr. James B. Bonny, DDS Works tirelessly with over 200 other office manager to fight and help others fight the injustices of these insurance companies for the sake of dentists and patients alike. She has had many victories and was even featured on the cover of Dental Economics magazine.

You can learn how to protect yourself from malpractice too. To learn more, contact us at All Smiles Dentistry - (801) 423-2244.


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